Evans Inspection Service

    International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
    Inspection Standards

Standards for Inspecting Basements, Foundations and Crawlspaces:

I. The inspector shall inspect:
  • The basement.
  • The foundation
  • The crawlspace.
  • The visible structural components.                                                                                                                  
  • And report any present conditions or clear indications of active water penetration observed by the inspector.
  • And report on wood in contact or near soil.
  • And report any general indications of foundation movement that are observed by the inspector, such as but not
    limited to sheetrock cracks, brick cracks, out-of-square door frames or floor slopes.
  • And report on any cutting, notching and boring of framing members which may present a structural or safety

II. The inspector is not required to:
  • Enter any crawlspaces that are not readily accessible or where entry could cause damage or pose a hazard to
    the inspector.
  • Move stored items or debris.
  • Operate sump pumps with inaccessible floats.
  • Provide any engineering or architectural service.

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