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Lil House On The Prairie
Evans Inspection Service
Gypsy and Blaze
This band of Wild Horses
photographed near "Misfits
Flats" in Stagecoach,
Nevada, is led by their
alpha mare Gypsy.  She is
the one facing us with the
star on her forehead and
the flaxen mane.  She has
been the leader of this
band for years and they
travel the prairie lands
from the flats of
Stagecoach and Dayton,
Nevada, to Virginia City in
the mountains in the
In this photo Gypsy is
pregnant and she gave
birth to another gorgeous  
filly about 2 weeks later.

The photo to the right is of
Frank and Blaze, one of
the fine sons of Gypsy.  
He is a very colorful and
gentle Wild Horse.
Blaze was born in the
mountains near Virginia
City, Nevada.  Two years
later he was captured by
the BLM, gelded and put
into the Wild Horse
Adoption program.