Evans Inspection Service
    InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors
                 Inspection Standards

Standards for Inspecting the Roof:

I. The inspector shall inspect from ground level, eaves or roof surface if safe;
  •   The roof covering.
  •   The gutters.
  •   The downspouts.
  •   The vents, flashings, skylights, chimney and other roof penetrations.
  •   The general structure of the roof from the readily accessible panels, doors or stairs.

II. The inspector is not required to:
  •   Predict the service life expectancy.
  •   Inspect underground downspout diverter drainage pipes.
  •   Inspect antennae, lightning arresters, de-icing equipment, or similar attachments.
  •   Walk on any roof areas that appear, in the opinion of the inspector, to be unsafe.
  •   Walk on any roof areas if it might, in the opinion of the inspector, cause damage.
  •   Perform a water test.
  •   Warrant or certify the roof.

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