Donner Lake Lil House On The Prairie Lake Tahoe Gypsy and Stagecoach Herd
Mountain Log Cabin Wild Horses at Virginia City Highlands
Mountain Cabin
Evans Inspection Service
Virginia City Highlands
With Mt. Rose overlooking      
them, this band of 3 adult        
Wild Horses is eating the         
nutrient rich springtime           
grasses in a meadow in the      
Virginia City  Highlands just     
outside Virginia City.  This      
area is between Reno and        
Carson City, Nevada.              
Behind the 11,000 ft. peaks     
of Mt. Rose lies the beautiful   
Lake Tahoe.                         
The middle photo shows the    
stallion watching us to            
determine if we will do harm   
to his family.                        
This colorful stallion and his    
mares have produced a           
number of very colorful          
babies like the little colt in the   
bottom photo.  The little          
pinto colt in this photo is         
about two weeks old..